About Us

Proteomics offers a unique insight into disease because proteins, with their assorted functionality largely determine the phenotypic diversity that can arise in individuals. Add to this post-translational modifications and the proteome is highly dynamic and complex. 

As a key repository for these proteins, human blood is an invaluable resource to mine and test for novel biomarkers.

Affinity Biomarker Labs has been formed by a team of clinical biochemists and scientists, with over 40yrs combined experience working in NHS biochemistry labs, the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries.

Our mission is to help translate discoveries from academic and biopharma research labs by bringing analytical rigour and clinical expertise to the qualification, validation and testing of blood based protein biomarkers. 

The Team

Prior to joining Affinity, Laboratory Director Tracy Neal (Née Dew) founded and managed the R&D laboratory within King’s College Hospital Department of Biochemistry. Over 27yrs Tracy and her team has built up an extensive track record including a broad range of biomarker study related publications in diverse areas including nutrition, oncology, CNS, cardiovascular, chronic kidney disease, pregnancy and pre-eclampsia.

Supported by a team of dedicated scientists, Affinity Biomarker Labs will help scientific groups deliver complex and challenging biomarker projects on an outsourced basis, freeing up significant time and resources within academic institutions and biopharma organisations to focus on other project and commercial priorities.