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The practice of medicine has long been shifting from the classical model of clinical care to the application of biomarker guided decision making.

In a clinical setting, biomarkers can be classified as follows:

  • Preventative – identifying outwardly healthy people at a high risk of developing disease
  • Diagnostic – identify a disease at the earliest stage, before clinical symptoms occur
  • Prognostic – stratify the risk of disease progression in patients undergoing specific therapy
  • Predictive – identify patients who respond to specific therapeutic interventions
  • Therapeutic –provide a quantifiable measure of response in patients who undergo treatment


Affinity Biomarker Labs mission is to assist principal investigators and clinicians discover, validate and translate potentially lifesaving biomarkers in a robust, cost effective and timely manner.

Through a close working relationship with leading academics and teaching hospitals including King’s College Hospital, Imperial College, Guy’s and St Thomas’ and Newcastle University to name a few, Affinity Biomarker Labs is the ideal partner to support your clinical biomarker development program.